Here is what our customers are saying about us.

Ose Fine Foods is a thumbs up! I enjoyed the food and most especially the service was exceptional.
It was efficient, professional and friendly.

I barely have time to cook because of my hectic schedule. Ose Fine Foods is definitely a healthy choice and good value for money.
— Jibola Fagbamiye, March 2014
The food from Ose’s Foods is amazing. Very original and a good break from the constant processed foods. Service is incredibly convenient...
— Remi Etto, Student at Malvern Collegiate, May 19, 2014
Ose’s have the most internationally appealing dishes. They are very recommendable. I give them 8.5 on a scale of 1 to 10.
— Nnamdi, Student
Ose’s food is really good. They serve a delicious variety of food from Mexican to Chinese. I love how they combine meals…it’s really healthy. I really miss their food.
— Christina, Student
Simply the best food….very tasty!
— Jude Ubehu (Feb 2014)
I love the food.
— Jerry Aligbe, Feb. 2014
The food is insane (in a good way). I enjoy the Chinese Bola and Congee for breakfast. Jollof Rice is great! You are doing a really good job. I love the food.
— David A, Feb. 2014
The cafeteria food selection is always exceptional. Balanced meals always. I really miss your food.
— Chinedu, Jan. 2014