Private Schools

Launch a meal plan with our turn-key system. Food made for culturally diverse student population.

Delight your diverse range of international students – and remind them of home – with Ose’s Fine Foods. We have years of experience in offering customized menu choices. We believe cafeteria food should be just as fresh and delicious as home-cooked food.

Nourish your students and staff with our tasty, fresh and healthy meals. That’s why we prepare foods from a variety of international backgrounds, including African and Asian (Chinese, Korean and Thai) dishes, with a Canadian flair. Whether it is preparing our Jerk seasoning or making Pork dumplings, we pride ourselves in making most of our meals from scratch. 

Additional Benefits:

  • Cost-effective: Our direct connection to sources means we can cut cost, improve service and save you and your students money.
  • Experienced: Ose’s Fine Foods has the experience to manage your foodservice program. We already serve over 2,000 school meals per week.
  • Flexible: Our customized approach to foodservice management means we adapt to your needs, and the preferences of your diverse students and staff.
  • Nimble: Our capacity is large enough to handle your volume, but small enough to easily and conveniently fit right in with your school’s overall foodservice program.
  • Professional: Our highly qualified staff put care and attention into every meal.

Our menu development approach has already earned us an over 75% approval rating at other schools.

Ask us how we can help your school.