We are very excited about working on a lline of fully cooked healthy meals, Watch this space to request your samples. 


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A foodie is some one who has an intense interest in food. Food from all over the world doesn't intimidate a foodie. It excites them. We love it when editorial and news pieces that focuses on international food at schools. That is why we are happy to be mentioned in this fun newsletter piece by Ryerson University. Check it out here: The Ryerson Connection#ryersonfoodie

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Ose’s Fine Foods        Toronto, ON

Ose’s Fine Foods is looking for two highly social students to be involved in an exciting social media promotion project. 
Scope of work:  Responsible for promoting brand events and activity using social media platforms. Individual will be capable of attracting social media followers. 
Base Wage: Volunteer and Work Experience plus potential paid gig. 
•    Lead promotion of special initiates among students  and clients using social media
•    Research and suggests ways to improve social media reach.
•    Monitor and report all negative feedback from all online Media
•    Individual will be capable of attracting followers for Ose’s Foods via Social Media.

The qualified candidate must be a frequent and proficient user of social media platforms (FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

This position requires a dedicated individual who is:

•    Fluent in English.
•    Mature, responsible and culturally aware and sensitive.
•    Computer literate.
•    Is capable of multitasking.
•    Requires minimum supervision and works to deadline.
•    Problem resolution / people skills.
•    Understands the importance of customer service.
•    Has a strong knowledge of how to use social media to attract followers/clients.

To Apply: Fill out the form below. You will notified via e-mail if you have been selected for an interview.

Full Name *
Full Name
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth

Why apply for this position?

Ose’s Fine Foods is a fun and flexible company with potential for future growth. We believe in hiring strong candidates from within our company so future employment position will be offered to volunteers who demonstrate a good work habit. This position is a great way to obtain valuable Canadian work experience which will prove valuable when seeking future permanent employment.  

Ask for an application form today! No Resume Required!


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